remote parking operation remote parking operation
Remote operation

Manage all your car parks remotely.

Control all access and payments in one place. And allow automatic access to all your customers.

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Advantages of remote operation

Savings in operation.

All your car parks in a single dashboard. Save time on paperwork and enjoy greater convenience.


You will be able to access all the data of your car parks from a web dashboard, accessible from any computer and mobile.

Automatic access.

All your online customers (bookings, subscribers, app) will be able to access the car parks automatically with LPR.

Secure and private.

All the information will be hosted on a private server with maximum security.

Compatible with the main equipment manufacturers.

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Monitor all accesses and stays.

Control in real time all entries, exits and payments. With license plate control and associated photograph.

remote parking operation

Control the occupation in real time.

The dashboard shows the vehicles parked in each car park, classified by rotation, tickets and subscribers.

remote parking operation
remote parking operation

Remote opening.

You can remotely open any barrier in any car park. Wherever you are.

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Connected with low emission zones.

Tuparkingonline sends all the vehicles that have accessed your car parks to Madrid Central.

Automatic access.

All your booking customers will be able to access and exit the car park automatically, with the license plate recognition.

remote parking operation
remote parking operation

Control all your billing.

Each payment made in your car parks is recorded. Showing the terminal, amount and license plate.

remote parking operation

Notification of alerts and events.

Receive alerts of any problem: An ATM without change, a device without paper, invalid access...

remote parking operation

And also...

Access search.

You can search for any access that has occurred in any of your car parks, by license plate or customer's name.

Shifts control.

View all cash shifts. With its opening and closing hours, and amount invoiced. Avoiding any fraud.


Each car park has a whitelist of vehicles. You can add license plates to allow free access.

Get total control of all your car parks.

Monitor every access. Record each payment. And optimize your management time. Everything is easier from the same control dashboard.

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