tuparkingonline online car park control
Centralized Ticketless More income

Multiply the control and sales of your car parks.

Centralize all your business in one tool. And increase your income with our services. No hardware or installations.

Join other car parks that have already get more sales and control of their business.

remote parking operation

Centralize everything.

Tuparkingonline is a modular tool from which you can manage all aspects of your business.

It doesn't matter what equipment you have installed. It doesn't matter how many car parks you manage. You will have all the control available in the same service.


The basis of tuparkingonline. A control dashboard where you can manage customers, bookings and car parks.


Monitor everything that happens in your car parks. Controlling access, payments and events.


More income with services that get the most out of your spaces.

Designed for

  • Owners of a car park

  • Car parks operators

  • Pay-and-display zones

How it works

01 tuparkingonline

We create the private cloud of your car park.

Where all the data will be saved. With maximum security.

02 tuparkingonline

Add all the modules you need.

You choose the modules you need. A sales app? Done! Centralize bookings? Check!

03 tuparkingonline

Connect as many car parks as you need.

Control all access, charges, customers... of your car parks. Whatever equipment you have installed.

04 tuparkingonline

Access from anywhere and device.

You can use tuparkingonline from any computer and mobile.

Choose your modules

Without tuparkingonline

  • Local control in each car park.
  • Chaos of bookings.
  • More empty spaces.
  • More costs and management time spend.
  • High costs of equipment and wear.
  • Centralized and remote control of all your car parks.

  • Multi-channel bookings management.

  • Maximum performance of all your empty spaces.

  • Reduce time in operation.

  • Less equipment and lower maintenance costs.

From 49€/month per car park.

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Optimize your management & sell more.

Monitor every access. Record each payment. And optimize your management time. Everything is easier from the same control dashboard.

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No, it is not mandatory. You can enjoy some tuparkingonline modules without having installed or compatible equipment.

You can use the BackOffice module, the booking website, your mobile app, or centralized bookings.

Tuparkingonline is compatible with all equipment of Amano, i+D3, Mabyc, Meypar and Skidata.

As many as you want! There are no limits on the number of car parks.