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Make your car parks visible to nearby events: football matches, concerts, exhibitions...

Set up nearby points of interest and maximize your income by attracting more drivers.

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Advantages of events

More costumers.

Attract all nearby drivers who want to enjoy the events without wasting time looking for a parking space.

Special promotions.

Offer personalized discounts and promotions to your events and get more sales.

User experience.

Positively influence the event experience for users with a well-managed parking lot.

Secutity and control.

Supervision, control and assistance in case of emergency to ensure a safe environment for all attendees.

car parks for events

Put your car park spaces on the map of big events.

Maximize the visibility and management of your parking during important events in the area and generate greater profits.

Details of each event.

Discover everything you need to know to enjoy events near your car park.

event details

Analysis of results.

Monitor event data in real time and accurately track the performance of your car parks.

events reports

Manage local events and maximize your profit.

Connect with nearby drivers and benefit from events.

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