virtual atm for car parks virtual atm for car parks
Virtual ATM

The cashier of your car park, on the customer's mobile.

No more physical ATMs, paper or coins. Your clients will be able to pay for their stay through your own virtual cashier.

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Advantages of having your virtual ATM

Save on maintenance.

Replace or complement your physical ATM. Less wear, less money recharges, less mechanical failures...

Secure payments.

All payments are made through the Redsys PSD2 gateway. Accepting Visa and Mastercard.


With the virtual ATM you can forget paper tickets, cash and physical ATMs.

Mobile comfort.

Get in the car and pay! Your customers won't have to look for the ATM. They will have it on their mobile.

virtual atm for car parks

Easy pay.

The virtual cashier will be installed on your car park website. The client only has to access via browser and introduce the license plate.

Virtual cashier will show the amount of the stay, and customer will pay it by credit card.

pagos seguros

Secure payment.

Payments are made through Redsys, with the PSD2 protocol. And all charges will go directly to the bank account of your car park.

virtual atm for car parks

Ticketless payment.

No paper tickets. No physical receipts. And without problems of changing coins and bills. 100% digital, comfortable and safe.

EV charging service.

Improve your customers experience by offering charging service for electric vehicles.

The user only has to connect the car, activate the charger and pay when finished. Everything easily from your mobile.

ev charging point

And also...

Download invoice.

Your customers will be able to enter their billing information in the virtual cashier, and receive the invoice in their email.

Excess charges.

Customers with bookings who have exceeded their stay, can pay the extra time.

Automatic exits.

After paying the stay, client will be able to leave the car park, without doing anything else. Only with the license plate reading.

Forget coins and charge with your own virtual ATM.

Make the payment easier for your customers, while saving on maintenance, operation and equipment.

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