online car park control online car park control

The dashboard to have your car parks under control.

The BackOffice is the basis of tuparkingonline. Control everything in the same dashboard: access, customer management, payments, bookings...

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Advantages of having your online backoffice

100% modular.

Your car parks. Your cloud. You choose which services you want to use. Boosting your sales, control and operation.


You will be able to access all the data of your car parks from a web dashboard, accessible from any computer and mobile.

Monitor everything.

No more fraud. Everything that happens is recorded. Saving operation time.

Secure and private.

All the information will be hosted on a private server with maximum security.

online car park control

All your car parks. Just one dashboard.

Manage all the data of your car parks in the same tool.

Rates for bookings, products, number of spaces available... all easily configurable.

Customer management.

Manage online all the users who use your car park, both those who come occasionally and subscribers.


Offer bookings, subscriptions, multi-parking offers and hour packages.


Manage your subscribers, schedules, and assign them a means of digital access, without cards.


Control the client's stay, as well as the price to pay.

Bookings management.

All your bookings, from the same place. Centralize all your sales channels and optimize your time.

online car park control
online car park control

Digital access.

Connect your LPR cameras with tuparkingonline and offer a much more comfortable service to your customers.

All your bookings and subscribers will be able to access automatically with the license plate recognition.

online car park control

Access control.

Control in real time all entries, exits and payments. With license plate control and associated photograph.

online car park control

Business Intelligence.

Check how your business is evolving: number of accesses, billing, monthly bookings, and more.

online car park control

Optimize your management & sell more.

Manage all your car parks from a single place.

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