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Mobile app

Your car parks, always in your customer's pocket.

Have your own mobile app for your car park network. Build customer loyalty, offering payment without tickets, subscriptions management and offers.

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Advantages of having your own parking app


The app replaces all paper tickets. Allow your customers to access and pay for parking with their mobile.


You can offer discounts and promotions on your subscriptions, daily passes... Getting more sales.


Make procedures easier for your customers, so that they always, always, will have your car parks on their mobile.

More drivers.

Reach all nearby drivers looking for car park through the App Store and Google Play.

app for car parks

Your entire car park network on the map.

The app shows all your car parks. Showing their location, price and distance in real time. Guiding the client to the chosen one.

Details of each car park.

Each car park has its page with its rates, schedules, services and bonuses.

app for car parks

Instant sale.

Bookings, subscriptions, hour packages... Your clients will be able to buy any product or service with a click.

app for car parks
app for car parks

Ticket payment without cashier...

Your customers will be able to pay the ticket directly from the app. No need to look for the ATM, and without coins or bills.

... or 100% ticketless access and payment.

The entire stay without any ticket.

Customers can access the car park by opening the barrier from the app. And paying when they want to go out.

app for car parks

Promote your app!

Put a sign in your car parks so that drivers know about the app and its advantages. Get more clients!

And also...

iPhone & Android.

Your app can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play. Where you will receive reviews from your customers.

Guided to the car park.

The app guides the driver to the car park of their choice. Easily and conveniently using Google Maps.

Online payment.

All payments are made through a secure gateway, directly connected to the car park's bank account.

Have your own app now.

Build loyalty with all your customers with offers, ease of access and payment, and new products.

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