Tuparkingonline Your modular tool

Nowadays, practically all areas of our lives have undergone a transformation towards digital. Thus, parking management does not escape this reality, leaving traditional models behind. Technology has transformed the way we interact with car parks, turning them into more efficient, safe and comfortable spaces.

This evolution has been influenced by aspects linked to sustainability. Initiatives such as Low Emission Zones and the increase in pedestrian zones have been implemented. Likewise, Smart Cities emerge, which integrate technologies to optimize energy efficiency and urban mobility.

This is how tuparkingonline was born, a modular tool designed so owners and operators can centralize their business. The number of parking spaces or equipment does not matter: easily improve the performance, sales and control of your business. In addition, it can be integrated with any type of manufacturers and operators.

Why use tuparkingonline

Optimize your operation.

All your car parks in a single dashboard. Save time on paperwork and enjoy greater convenience.

Save on equipment.

You will not need to change your equipment. And with tuparkingonline you can reduce the use of ATMs and tickets.

100% modular.

Your car parks. Your cloud. You choose which services you want to use. Boosting your sales, control and operation.

More income.

Tuparkingonline is a service designed to get the most out of your parking spaces. With online sales.

24/7 support.

We have a technical support team that will help you solve your doubts and incidents remotely.

Secure and private.

All the information will be hosted on a private server with maximum security.

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